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*more fangirli- I mean fanboying… I can’t breathe

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Here’s a clean image of the Steven Universe/Adventure Time tribute flier I got signed while we were at SDCC!
Front image was done by Rebecca Sugar.
It’s gonna’ be a phenomenal exhibition with more than two dozen artists from the show/comics, a couple of exclusive releases, and YES, Rebecca Sugar will be having a musical performance!!! So if you’re in the Los Angeles area, make it out to Gallery Nucleus August 9th!
Hope to see you there!
EDIT: Here’s the link to the official exhibition page!

robot by yongsub noh  yong Illustration Now! Vol. 2

goddess of hunting by jake  moonEXPOSE 7: The Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe

mix by jason chanExpose 1

the shrub spirit of thorns by georgi simeonovExotique 3: The World’s Most Beautiful CG Characters